10 Traveling Precautions for Sinus Patients

Are you thinking that sinusitis is contagious? Are you avoiding going to school and other activities because of it? If you are doing this, then definitely you are doing wrong. The reason for this is that the sinus patient is unable to transfer the infection to others such as family members and classmates. But if you are planning to travel a long distance, then you must take some preventive measures and precautions.

  1. Do not Fly if you can avoid it.


When sinuses become inflamed, there are excessive mucus secretions that block the sinuses. Such sinuses become extremely sensitive to change in air pressure. When the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure decreases, and air expands. Such change in atmospheric pressure produces barotrauma which spoils the infection and cause ear pain. So, if you can avoid the fly, do it.

  1. Eat Healthy Food Before Leaving the Airport


Our body needs healthy food for the proper development of the body's immune system. Choice of proper food which contains all nutrients essential for the health of sinuses will ensure healthy drive throughout the day. This use of antioxidants such as Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin E are additional tool to combat chronic sinusitis infection.

  1. Take Good Sleep


Before the flight, you must be conscious of your sleep. A complete night’s rest before your traveling will boost up your stamina and give strength to your immune system to fight harmful pathogens. If you are suffering from motion sickness, then you must visit your health care provider for proper medication before the flight.

  1. Stay Hydrated


Drink as many fluids as you can during a sinus infection. Fluids help to thin the mucus secretions and prevent the lining of the nasal cavity and air sinuses from drying out. Thin mucus secretions are drained readily, and thus nasal congestion is avoided. You can drink fresh juices, herbal tea, coffee, and water.

  1. Avoid Alcohol


You can drink plenty of fluids but avoid the use of alcohol, cocktails, beer, and wine. Such beverages do not contain water and cause the mucous membrane to dehydrate. Also, alcohol causes swelling in sinuses resulting in the worsening of symptoms.

  1. Use Warm Compresses


Moist heat, warm towels, and taking bath with hot water loosens the mucus. Attenuated mucus secretions play a key role to overcome deadly nasal congestion and maintains easy breathing. Heat also helps in killing of causing pathogens and relieves the symptoms quickly.

  1. Use a Humidifier.


Dry air causes irritation in the upper respiratory tract due to which flu and cold-like symptoms appear. A humidifier is an equipment that is used to humidify the air. They are present in different sizes. They prevent dryness in the air and keep the atmosphere of the room moist.

  1. Use of Nasal Wash (Nasal Lavage)


Nasal lavages are sterile solutions used for the cleaning of sinuses. They disinfect the sinuses from pathogens and help in the drainage of thick mucus secretions. Mostly the sterile solutions are saline solutions or boiled water that are packed in sterilized bottles.

  1. Avoid Smoking


If you are a smoker and want to protect your respiratory tract, then you are making a joke. For the improvement of your sinusitis, you must quit smoking immediately. Except to skip smoking you must keep yourself protected from passive smoking and polluted environment.

  1. Carry Bibo Kit


Always carry the Bibo Saline Nasal Spray, fortified with Tulsi and Xylitol. Helps in decongesting and having a check on the infection. And carry Bibo Clear Vapor Patch for clear breathing while flying in plane, in the car or even during meeting. Replace few cups of teas or coffees with hot Bibo Kadha Shots.

How can BIBO help:

We at BIBO came up with curated packs of products that can help ease the effects of the sinus. We bring you 100% natural products which have mesmerizing blends of ayurvedic ingredients.
Our pack contains:

Bibo Saline Spray relieves blocked nose, flushes out pollutants and pathogens. You can also use BIBO nasal spray for the nasal wash. Just use one-third of the bottle in the lukewarm water. It eases sinus and nasal irritation.

Hot Kadha Mix provides instant relief from congestion. It detoxifies the blood and Builds up immunity. It is also effective in reducing cold, cough, flu, inflammation, headache, and infection.

Vapor Rub helps those who face difficulty in breathing because of nasal blockage or suffering from an associated headache. It has a slant tip which makes it easy to use.

Vapor Patch opens airways and is designed to stick anywhere like a pillow, t-shirt, hand, or steering wheel while driving without leaving any residue after use.



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Do not Fly if you can avoid it, Eat Healthy Food Before Leaving the Airport, Stay Hydrated, Avoid Alcohol, Warm Compresses, Use a Humidifier, Use of Nasal Wash, Nasal Lavage, Avoid Smoking, Passive smoking

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