Bibo Cough Relief Pack

Coughing, coughing with phlegm, dry coughing.

Having a bad episode of coughing and discomfort? Is it recurring often? Time to go natural and improve your immunity with Bibo. Take this holistic solution for cough relief:

1. Cough Syrup: Helps looses phlegm, and also fights infections of bacteria and viruses.

2. Kadha Mix: Instant relief and soothes throat. Opens nasal passages and brings comfort. Aids in improving immunity.

3. Nasal Spray: Cleanses upper respiratory tract and helps in better breathing. Builds respiratory immunity.


For wet or dry Cough, take all 3 products up to 4 times a day.


Relief from cough of all types. Helps improve bronchial functions and shortens the cycle of cough and cold.