Bibo Pollution Pack

Bibo Saline Spray:
  • Not just another saline spray! Bibo Nasal Spray is also fortified with Tulsi which is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immunity booster herb.
  • It also uses Xylitol as flavoring agent which acts on bad bacteria in nasal system by starving them.
  • Bibo Spray disinfects and opens up the blocked nose. Each spray bottle which gives more than 150 sprays.
  • Do you have frequent nasal blockage or you are significantly exposed to air pollution? Remember 8'o Clock is Bibo Time then. Take one spray at 8AM and one at 8PM in evening.
  • Builds resistance from Sinus and Asthma episodes when used regularly
  • Flushes out pollutants and pathogens
  • Use it in conjunction with Vapor Patch for best results from stubborn nasal congestion.
  • Everyone in family shall have a personal nasal spray. Use a marker pen to write your name on own spray bottle.

Kadha Hot Mix:

  • Kadha needs no introduction as it has been a popular remedy in the Indian households for common cold, fever, flu etc. for ages. At Bibo we understand that your busy schedule seldom permits you time for some quality health care and so we made it easier for you with our Bibo Shots Hot Kadha Mix.
  • Take it for instant relief within 60 seconds whenever you run episodes of cough and cold.
  • Also daily dose of this Kadha is highly beneficial to build immunity as it contains multiple immuno modulators like Tulsi, Ginger, Mulethi, Vasa, etc."