Bibo First Aid Kit

  • Cold & Cough don't come announced! Always be ready to heal naturally whenever it strikes.
  • Bibo First Aid/Travel Kit for Cough & Cold comprises of 4 products. You can use them as per symptoms and severity.
  • First Symptoms: It is important to take the products right from first symptoms. Eg. If you get sore throat, start a course of Cough Syrup and Bibo Syrup immediately.
  • In case of blocked nose, use the Bibo vapor patch and nasal spray. Associated pain? Use the Bibo Rub-On Rub.
  • All Bibo products are safe and natural. No side effects and helps build immunity.


1). Saline Nasal Spray:

  •  Tulsi (Basil) is an anti-bacterial herb whereas xylitol prevents the breeding of bacteria by starving them
  • Salt helps to kill bacteria in your ENT system

2). Cough Syrup:

  • Helps in calming dry cough by working on throat walls
  • Acts on a sore throat in in 100 seconds
  • Dilutes the mucus and helps to push them out when suffering from wet cough

3). Vapor Rub:

  • Provides fast relief from cold, cough, nasal blockage and headache
  • Helps to reduce the runny nose and nasal congestion

4). Vapor Patch:

  • It's a hands' free inhaler
  • It is made up of biodegradable fibre can be used by individuals of all ages
  • Wear a Bibo Vapor Patch and freely engage in your work or just take a sound nap with patch placed on the pillow.