Bibo Throat safety

SORE THROAT: Your sore throat is not localised, internal secretion aggravates it. - Use cough syrup along with Nasal Spray for wholesome relief - Nasal Spray fights with pathogen in nasal area limiting secretion - Cough syrup with 20+ natural ingredients and honey soothes throat and reduces coughing.


1) Saline Nasal Spray : Nasal Spray fights with the pathogen in nasal area limiting the internal secretion of mucus which stimulates sore throat.

2) Cough Syrup:

  • Helps in calming dry cough by working on throat walls
  • Acts on a sore throat in 100 seconds
  • Cough syrup soothes the throat and reduces coughing


Saline Nasal Spray: 2 Sprays (1 Spray for kids) in each nostril 4-5 times a day.

Cough Syrup: 10ml, up to 4 times a day (5ml for kids).

User Instruction

1) Saline Nasal Spray: 2 sprays (kids -1) in each nostril, 4 to 5 times a day

2) Cough Syrup: 10ml, up to 4 times a day (5ml for kids)

Safety Precaution

1) Read the label carefully before use
2) Keep out of reach of the children
3) Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
4) This is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine and is generally considered safe
5) If you face any adverse symptoms or develop any allergy from the product, please discontinue and see a doctor
6) If problems persist see a doctor