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BIBO stands for Breathe In Breath Out! As the name suggests, Bibo stands for respiratory wellness with a range of premium products for catering to both acute and chronic needs. Our products help you deal with cough, cold, nasal congestions effectively and naturally. Bibo is also a reliable companion of dealing with sinus and asthma episodes naturally while improving immunity.
We aspire to create a healthy possibility that enables families to enjoy every day –even when they are sick. We are on a mission of creating a future which is built on good health and care. Usually people have the same self-care standards and rely on the same brands which people used to decades ago, whereas the pathogens such as virus and bacterium keep evolving and mutating. And to ensure we fight with it effectively is to have an active immunity.
Hence, we seek to offer children and grown-ups the care that your respiratory system needs in today’s world of a growing population, ever-increasing pollution, and other environmental factors responsible for diseases. We are here to challenge the status-quo!

About Hilt Brands


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Bibo brand is owned by Hilt Brands India Private Limited, a fast-growing consumer healthcare products company with global outlook. Hilt Brands has a team of healthcare experts and has multiple globally recognized partners for product development and curation of wellness ideas.

The Hilt of the sword enables one to wield it and defend oneself; similarly, our immune system acts as the weapon which fights every disease-causing bacterium. And this is primary motto of Hilt Brands, to enable you have a sharp immunity!

Bibo is exclusively marketed by Hilt Brands with headquarters in Bangalore, India. Also the Bibo Trademark is is registered and owned by Hilt Brands India Pvt Ltd. For any enquiries related to the company and its affairs, please contact us at info@hiltbrands.com.

Quality Assurance


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All products go through multiple quality and safety checks. All Bibo products are certified by Ayush Department and have valid quality certificates received from concerned authorities.

Apart from regulatory requirements, we also have focused groups where a closed group of people first try the products for some time, provide inputs to improve the products. Only then a product is introduced to market.

We make sure to use curated hand-picked ingredients and only use the best grades of raw materials available to make our products.

Still, if any customer is not satisfied with our product, we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee under which a customer can claim full refund through email or whatsapp in few clicks.

 Bibo Yeti: The Mascot


Bibo has adopted a Himalayan Yeti figure as the official mascot. Is it a well calculated move or just a business hunch? Let us find out…

The Asia’s own abominable snowman, the Yeti is a figure from the folklore that is conceived to be bipedal and residing in the Himalayan Mountains. Old mythical tales suggest that it dwells on the Himalayan snow and often below the snowline. It has often left its tracks on the snow which has compelled various expedition teams to go on a remote mountain expedition in search of the mythical figure, but all has so far gone in vain.

A Himalayan Yeti reflects the thought of being fit and strong in the highest altitudes on earth and while facing most adverse climates, low oxygen levels etc! If an Yeti is out there, it must be having the most advanced immune system in any mammal on the earth!