cough and cold

Cough or cold are not bad!
They are to flush out common allergens and infectants to ensure we remain healthy within.
Kids often have time-cyclecycles of cough/cold/flu respiratory infection)during a year and even healthy adults would have 5 to 10 cycles. At Bibo, with lot of study and research by doctors, we have endeavoured to make your life simpler during these issues!

Sneezes could start even before we are born! Its our body's way of removing irritants from your nose or throat. sneezing


Do we take Sneezing seriously?
Hell yes! It all starts there. However, sneezing once or twice is not a concern if you are having no other symptoms.
Daily Morning Sneezing?
It could be allergies to dust, pollen, or just weather in general. Look for dusting your fans, curtains, and AC temperature.

How Bibo Helps?
For frequent sneezing, we have perfect formula to lift your mood. Nasal spray And Kadha Shot. Take before sleep and once during morning or the day.

Stuffy Nose

It’s all because of mucus generated to clear out infectants from upper respiratory tract. We recommend not to use suppressants and better work on expediting cure and alleviate irritating symptoms.

We ensure this doesn’t hamper your activities or your sleep. At your aid is our Vapor Rub, Vapor Patch and Nasal Spray. Apply as recommended in the product details for a great relief and rejuvenation.

Dry Cough
Dry Cough

How Bibo Helps?
We work on the source and also alleviate symptoms quickly. Take Kadha Shots for relief and also aids digestion. Nasal spray for fighting viral or bacterial infections.