Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product - Zero Side Effects | 100ml Bottle - Bibo
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Bibo Cough Syrup | Natural Product

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BIBO Cough Syrup is enriched with 20+ Ayurvedic ingredients including

Tulsi (Basil)

Tulsi is a proven immunomodulator that protects from ailments that include viral or bacterial infections. The medicinal properties of tulsi remove phlegm and catarrhal matter present in the upper bronchial tubes. Tulsi leaves are a specific cure for fevers with their anti-inflammation and analgesic properties.

Ginger (Shunthi)

Some anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger can relax membranes in the airways, which could reduce coughing. And is an antioxidant to improve the metabolism to have better health and immunity. Anti-bacteria; and anti-parasitic properties protect dental and respiratory systems.


Kakdasinghi helps manage cough by removing excess mucus from the respiratory tract due to its expectorant property. It also helps manage bronchitis by relaxing the respiratory passages and allowing unobstructed passage of air to the lungs.

Such restorative properties provide a strong natural shield.

Mulethi (Yashtimadhu)

Mulethi or Yashtimadhu, due to its expectorant and bronchodilator properties that are known to provide relief from conditions like cough and bronchial problems. Enzymes in mulethi roots generate macrophages and lymphocytes, that protect the body from microbes, allergens, pollutants, etc


This renowned ayurvedic medicine has wide spectrum of medicinal properties with positive effects on inflammatory diseases.

Can cure cold, cough, and chronic or acute lung conditions too. It neutralizes the irritants that trigger cough and inflammation. Very soothing for sore throat.

Talispatra (Leaf)

It is a classical ayurvedic ingredient that has been used since the ancient times by several sages and ayurvedic physicians for different types of respiratory and digestive conditions. Imbued with bronchodilator, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, antimicrobial and carminative properties, Talispatra is extensively used for helping with conditions like whooping cough, sore throat, cold, bronchial conditions, indigestion, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, loss of appetite, anorexia etc.


This has been part of grandma's recommendation for ages whenever someone has sore throat.
It is more effective against night coughs than any common cough suppressants. Bibo Syrup has benefits of natural honey which provides soothing effect from dry cough and also helps in expelling phlegm.

Bhumi Amla
Bhumi Amla

Bhum Amla is having pitta balancing properties, which means it reduces heat in the body. Helps better absorption of nutrients and provides good immunity. In many aspects, it's better than common Amla.

It has anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties, effective for chronic lungs conditions patients.

And SEVEN (7) other ingredients as mentioned on the pack.

Dry & Productive cough, Sore throat can be finally dealt with the blend of incredible natural ingredients of our Cough syrup.

  1. Honey performs the task of soothing, which is crucial when you’re undergoing the troubles of dry cough
  2. Tulsi helps to mobilize the mucus in asthma and bronchitis and also relieves the symptoms that cold and dry cough brings about
  3. Gul Banafsha helps in treating the ongoing or sudden breathing problems caused by asthma, bronchitis, inflammation, emphysema, flu and cold symptoms and also helps to cool and soothe
  4. Draksha controls agitating cough but also cures asthma and cold
  5. Lisodha has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and immune-modulator properties
  6. Vasa has a positive impact on inflammatory diseases and is an excellent expectorant which loosens phlegm and clears respiratory passages
  7. Somlata has valuable antispasmodic properties to clear air passages and also benefits those who are suffering from high fever and asthma
  8. Bharangi helps to treat the symptoms of chronic sinusitis, common cold, chronic respiratory problems, and allergic rhinitis.

  1. Gul Banaffsa, (Viola odorata), WP, 100 mg
  2. Tulsi, (Ocimum sanctum), WP-Lf, 100 mg
  3. Lisodha, (Cordia dichotoma), Fr, 100 mg
  4. Mulethi, (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Rt, 50 mg
  5. Kantkari, (Solanum xanthocarpum), WP, 50 mg
  6. Somlata, (Ephedra gerardiana), WP, 50 mg
  7. Bharangi, (Clerodendrum serratum), Rt-Lf, 50 mg
  8. Dudhi, (Euphorbia hirta), WP, 50 mg
  9. Shunthi, (Zingiber officinalis), Rt, 50 mg
  10. Babab chini, (Piper cubeba), Fr, 25 mg

  1. Take it for a week, 4 to 5 times a day
  2. For kids from 1 to 10 years, 1 teaspoon (5ml) at a time and for 11 years and older 10ml (2 tbsp.); or as directed by the physician.

  1. Finish or discard within 4 weeks of opening the bottle
  2. Store in a cool and dry place
  3. Keep out of reach of the children
  4. Read the dosage and other info carefully
  5. If problems persist, see a doctor

Bibo Cough Syrup

Our Bibo Cough Syrup is indicated for shallow breathing, recurrent cough, and seasonal allergies. It helps to reduce the symptoms of colds and congestion. It provides relief from dry cough, sore throat and cough with phlegm (mucus). It calms conditions like tonsillitis, sinusitis, and rhinitis. It improves resistance to allergens and pollution and the lung health of smokers and people exposed to polluted air.

Yes, our Bibo Cough Syrup is safe for all, including children above one year.

No, Bibo Cough Syrup is ayurvedic syrup. It does not contain any ingredient that may cause drowsiness.

Tulsi is known as the Elixir of life. It acts against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi causing infections. It is used in asthma, cough, cold, fever, allergies, and inflammatory conditions. It is an immunity building herb. It is also used as a detoxifier and can remove toxicity from the body.

It tastes good, just like honey. It is not spicy like other ayurvedic syrups.

It can be taken up to 4 times a day. Take 5 ml for children between 1-12 years and 10 ml above 13 years of age. It should not be given to infants below 1 year.

Yes, taking Bibo cough syrup may improve the symptoms of asthma and other lung conditions. It contains more than 15 herbs clinically proven to show positive effects on respiratory health.

Yes, Bibo Cough Syrup can be taken for both dry and wet coughs. It is not just cough syrup. It is a lung supplement that can provide relief from various problems ranging from acute cold to chronic respiratory conditions.

Bibo cough syrup contains more than fifteen natural herbs which are clinically proven to not only reduce the symptoms of cough and cold but improve overall immunity by fighting against various infection-causing microbes. These herbs show anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, and immunomodulatory properties.

Yes, the herbs in our cough syrup improve overall immunity to help fight against various infection-causing microbes.