Bibo Pollution Pack

Bibo Pollution Pack

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What’s in the box?

Kadha Mix 

Bibo Shots Kadha Mix empowers you to make a kadha in seconds. Just tear a Bibo Shots Sachet and mix with hot cup of water or tea or milk and enjoy the great taste and a long lasting impact. Boost your immunity through this grandmother’s elixir containing tulsi, ginger, menthol, bhumi amla and vasa etc.(4 packs)

Nasal Spray

The Bibo Nasal Spray is not just another saline spray! It also contains Tulsi and Xylitol for additional benefits. It helps clear the congestion in the nasal passage while also fights the bacteria and viruses build up in upper respiratory tract. It is in a way similar to the manual cleaning of the nasal passage with Jala neti. (1 pack)